Nikken Corporation Acquired Additional Shares of PT. Berlian Amal Perkasa

Updated at 2023-11-28 08:26:25

Through the purchase of 47% shares from Mitsubishi Corporation, Nikken Corporation became the
controlling shareholder of PT. Berlian Amal Perkasa from 27 October 2023.

With the acquisition of its shares by Nikken, BAP plans to expand construction equipment rental
with operators (Wet Rental) which is the current core business, as well as equipment rental without
operators (Dry Rental) for which BAP holds the business license since January 2023.

BAP’s brand image typically expressed by the word of “Safety” has been established through years of
efforts and contribution to the construction industry since its foundation and will be spread to wider
range of industries by the addition of the dry rental business with Nikken support.

In the midst of stable economic growth, development in various industrial sectors in Indonesia will
pave the way for BAP to grow as one of the largest rental companies in the region with its corporate
slogan: "Ensuring the Safety, Building the Future".

Melalui pembelian 47% saham Mitsubishi Corporation, Nikken Corporation menjadi pemegang
saham pengendali PT. Berlian Amal Perkasa mulai 27 Oktober 2023.

Dengan akuisisi sahamnya oleh Nikken, BAP berencana memperluas penyewaan peralatan
konstruksi dengan operator (Wet Rental) yang merupakan bisnis inti saat ini, serta penyewaan
peralatan tanpa operator (Dry Rental) yang izin usahanya dimiliki BAP sejak Januari 2023. .

Citra merek BAP yang biasanya diungkapkan dengan kata “Keselamatan” telah dibangun melalui
upaya dan kontribusi bertahun-tahun terhadap industri konstruksi sejak didirikan, dan akan
menyebar ke industri yang lebih luas dengan penambahan bisnis Dry Rental dengan dukungan

Di tengah stabilnya pertumbuhan ekonomi, perkembangan berbagai sektor industri di Indonesia
akan membuka jalan bagi BAP untuk tumbuh menjadi salah satu perusahaan rental terbesar di
kawasan dengan slogan perusahaan: “Memastikan Keamanan, Membangun Masa Depan”.


Congratulations PT BAP - HSE Award Banten Province

Updated at 2023-10-26 01:30:52

The Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of Banten Province held a prestigious Occupational Health & Safety (K3) 2023 Award Ceremony attended by 404 companies within Banten Province. This OH&S 2023 award ceremony has 4 categories, as follows: Zero Accident Award, awarded to 116 companies The Occupational Health & Safety Committee (P2K3) Award, awarded to 155 companies Covid-19 Prevention and Control (P2) Award, awarded to 101 companies HIV-AIDS Prevention and Control (P2) Award, awarded to 32 companies PT Berlian Amal Perkasa is one of the companies to receive awards for all four categories: 1. Zero Accident Award 2. P2K3 Award - Platinum 3. P2 Covid-19 - Gold 4. P2 HIV/AIDS - Gold PT BAP is determined to maintain and improve the safety of our work to always stand with our motto "Safety First".


Mitsubishi Corporation Gateway Program

Updated at 2023-10-27 10:29:02

In August 2023, a representative from PT Berlian Amal Perkasa had the opportunity to participate in the MC Gateway Program in Tokyo, organized by Mitsubishi Corporation. This program included a seven-day business trip, including travel to and from Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta. The third and fourth days were dedicated to the gateway, while the second and fifth days were spent visiting Nikken branch offices throughout Japan.

The MC Gateway Program is a regular event for MC subsidiaries, aimed at instilling the corporation's philosophy, values, and history. By sharing its understanding of corporate planning and strategy, each subsidiary is expected to reflect MC's three principles: Corporate Responsibility to Society, Integrity and Fairness, and Global Understanding Through Business.

The former directors of PT BAP, who are now dedicated members of Nikken and Mitsubishi Corporation (Fujimoto-san and Shintomo-san, respectively), shared key values that emphasize the company's significant impact on the MC group and its potential for incredible growth within the company and its employees. The spirit of volunteering with chargeable value entails taking initiative in dealing with previously untried or unpopular things. These values are at the core of PT BAP's success and will continue to drive their growth within the MC group.


PT BAP Welcomes PT CIN as its Shareholder

Updated at 2023-07-20 10:32:13

PT Berlian Amal Perkasa (PT BAP) has achieved a remarkable milestone in its history by welcoming a new shareholder, PT Cakrawala Inti Nusantara (PT CIN), to its ranks. PT CIN is a company that specializes in a wide range of engineering services, including Civil, MEP, HVAC, Sandwich Panel, Active House, Clean Room, and many others. The signing of the shares took place on July 10th, 2023, at the office of our trusted consultant.

PT CIN's entry into PT BAP's fold is an exciting development for all parties involved. It marks a significant step forward for PT BAP, as it paves the way for an even more promising future. With PT CIN's expertise and experience, PT BAP can expand its capabilities and offer more comprehensive solutions to its clients.

It is worth noting that PT Guna Teguh Sejati (PT GTS) was the previous shareholder in PT BAP. However, despite the change in ownership, PT BAP and PT GTS maintain a strong and enduring relationship, and their collaboration remains firm. The addition of PT CIN to PT BAP's team is a testament to the company's commitment to growth and innovation.