Dry Rental

Equipment rental service without operator for more flexible usage and needs

All in one rental solution

We provide you comprehensive rental service from equipment mobilization, on-site-ready mechanic for service, and digital data recording for equipment monitoring

Wet Rental

Equipment rental service including our certified and highly professional operator

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Equipment Rental

Equipment rental refers to the practice of temporarily leasing or lending out machinery, vehicles, or other items to customer. This allows customer to access specialized equipment for a specific period without the initial expense of purchasing, maintenance and storage cost.

Good Equipment Condition

A Large Selection of Equipment Types Available

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Maintain performance of our equipment with our precision maintenance service to minimize machine down time.

Preventive maintenance

Qualified Mechanic

Quick response

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Equipment Delivery

Efficient Transport Solutions: Streamline your deliveries with our advanced delivery equipment, ensuring efficient and timely transportation of your goods.

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Certified Operator

Professionals who have undergone intensive training and are certified to operate equipment with skill and proficiency.

Quality Servicing

Expert Workers

Skill Certified

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We believe safety should be the first consideration on each jobsite. Ensured safety will realize sound operation.

Certified safety staffs by Indonesian government

Regular safety meeting by supervision of Japanese safety specialist

On-site safety patrols

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