Equipment List

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No. Product Lists Product Type Download
1 Crawler Crane Crawler Crane down ico
Crawler Crane
Equipment Cap Qty
Kobelco 250Te 2
Kobelco 180Te 3
Kobelco 55-90Te 11


2 All Terrain Crane All Terrain Crane down ico
All Terrain Crane
Equipment Cap Qty
Liebherr 200Te 1
Tadano 160Te 1
Tadano 130Te 1
Tadano 60Te 1


3 Rough Terrain Crane Rough Terrain Crane down ico
Rough Terrain Crane
Equipment Cap Qty
Tadano 25t-60Te 29


4 Boom Lift Boom Lift down ico
Boom Lift
Equipment Cap Qty
Genie 38m (454 kg) 2
Genie 30m 5
Genie 26m 2
Genie 25m 2
Genie 24m 4
Genie 21m 3
Genie 20m 1
Genie 18m (227 kg) 5


5 Scissors Lift Scissors Lift down ico
Scissors Lift
Equipment Cap Qty
Genie 12m 3


6 Truck Mounted Crane Truck Mounted Crane down ico
Truck Mounted Crane
Equipment Cap Qty
Tadano 5Te/5,5m (4x2) 4
Tadano 5Te/8m (6x2) 2
Tadano 5Te/7m (4x2) 1
Tadano 5Te/8m (6x4) 7
Tadano 8Te/8m (6x4) 9
Tadano 10Te/8m (6x4) 4



7 Forklift Forklift down ico
Equipment Cap Qty
Mitsubishi 3Te 1
Mitsubishi 5Te 3
Mitsubishi 7Te 1
TCM 15Te 1


8 Excavator Excavator down ico
Equipment Cap Qty
KOMATSU PC200-8mo 20Te 3
CAT 320D2 20Te 1


9 Telehandler Telehandler down ico
Equipment Cap Qty
JCB 4Te/7m 15
JCB 4Te/17m 1
JCB 6Te/8m 1


10 Trailer Trailer down ico
Equipment Cap Qty
BMT 45Te/12m 15